Correctbook opens an office in Rwanda

Sam’s journey 

Correctbook opens an office in Rwanda (written by Sam)

Hurray! Correctbook now has its own office in Rwanda. The team has worked extremely hard the past months to make this happen and we opened the office officially in November. The upcoming years, we will conquer the Rwandan market with our products in order to make writing accessible to everyone.

A real office arose, where there was a flat and sandy area last summer. A drawing of our desired office was made by the developer of the building. After that, the office was built with the speed of light. The best thing is; it is just a few steps away from our local production facility in the slums.

In November, I came to Rwanda to officially open the office, together with the Rwandan team. Wow, what a result! Our colleagues, production partner and developer of the building had a surprise for me: they worked till late into the night to do the last painting of the walls. They made the office a real Correctbook office by putting Correctbook signing on the walls. It looked incredible! Moreover, the office was neatly decorated. There was an actual opening ribbon and a big cake to celebrate! Our colleague Ezechiel gave a speech admitting he could only have dreamed of the beautiful steps we are taking now, plus there were presents for everyone.

It became even more special as my family was able to join during the opening as well. My parents and my girlfriend were in Rwanda and saw the projects of Correctbook for the first time. The fact that they were able to join the opening of the office is truly special to me, something I will always carry with me.

Last but not least; this office is not only perfect to deliver o

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