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  1. Tag Der Pflegenden: Originelles Geschenk für Pflegekräfte

    Zorgmedewerker Erasmus MC met Correctbook A6

    Am 12. Mai 2024 feiern wir weltweit den Tag der Pflegenden - ein Tag, an dem wir unsere Wertschätzung für die engagierten Pflegekräfte zeigen, die jeden Tag Gutes bewirken.



    Zeig unseren Heldinnen und Helden im Gesundheitswesen deine Wertschätzung! Mit einem Correctbook verschenkst du ein sinnvolles Geschenk, mit dem sie sich leicht Notizen machen können. Und das Beste daran? Sie sind löschbar und somit wiederverwendbar! Anstatt Daten und Notizen auszudrucken und sie dann (aus Datenschutzgründen) zu vernichten, können die Mitarbeiterinnen und Mitarbeiter sie im Handumdrehen löschen. Den Status eines Patienten anpassen? Mit einem Correctbook ist das im Handumdrehen erledigt! Und das spart Zeit! So trägst du mit diesem Geschenk nicht nur zu unserer Mission bei, den Analphabetismus zu bekämpfen, sondern unterstützt auch die Natur, indem du nachhaltiges

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  2. Write, Erase, Repeat: The versatility of our modular erasable notebooks

    Remove page from Correctbook

    The power of modularity

    We often talk about our modular notebooks, but what does modularity really mean? Well, if something is modular, it means you can take it apart AND put it back together again. It allows you to adapt and change things, how flexible is that? And does something break down after a few years? Then you only replace the parts that really need replacing. And that's exactly what we want to achieve with our Correctbooks: a durable erasable notebook that you can completely customise to your own taste!


    Endless options for page sets

    Our ring system works like a notebook construction kit. It allows you to add or remove pages without any hassle. This gives you the freedom to customise your notebook to your unique style and needs. No problem if those change over time, just update your Correctbook! Are you ready for a change for the design of your Correctbook after a while? Then

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  3. Kick-off the sustainable way

    Kick-off the sustainable way

    Even though we’re probably all enjoying the sun at this moment, you cannot be too prepared. If you already have everything you need to get started after the holidays, then you’ll be able to really relax and put those legs up in the air and sip your ice-cold drink. Of course, we can recommend you the most fantastic products ourselves, but we rather let our ambassadors do the talking. In this blog you’ll find the favorites of a couple of Correctbook fans. Why do they love that specific product? You can read it below. 

  4. Is Correctbook suitable for the left-handed?

    Is Correctbook suitable for the left-handed?

    You know what they say; when nothing goes right go left. Even when it concerns Correctbook. ‘Cause this notebook is ideal for all our lefties. Why? We’ll explain it to you in  this blog. 

    The ringband is not an obstacle 

    Never ever, ever. ‘Cause Correctbook has an Unbind & Click system. Beg your pardon? You can remove pages within seconds, and you can click them back into another place in your notebook. This way you can easily adjust the sequence of your notebook. Buttt that’s not the only advantage. The advantage for all lefties is that you can remove a page from the ring

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  5. Vacation mode on

    Vacation mode on

    Are you the person who just cannot sit still for a sec? Or really need a break from all the swimming and sunbathing? Good, ‘cause in that case our awesome Correctbook holiday tips are just the thing for you. Read all about it below. 

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  6. My adventure in Madagascar

    My adventure in Madagascar

    A couple of weeks ago I travelled from South-Africa to Madagascar. I went there for a few Correctbook meetings, but this way I could also chase my personal dream (more about that later in this blog). I had some introductory talks with UNICEF Madagascar and Save The Children in the capital Antanarivo. 

    I also had a meeting with another non-profit organization. Not in the capital, but in the south of the country; Port Dauphin/Tolagnaro. A blueprint is made for a pilot project for 150 children. And obviously this will become more when this succeeds, ‘cause this organisation supports over 40.000 children. They want to conduct small-scale research. If the writing skills of the kids will truly improve with the use of Correctbook. So, a bit like the research by Edukans

  7. The proven impact of Correctbook

    The proven impact of Correctbook

    We already helped more than 600.000 children with erasable writing material so far. But this erasable writing material is just the start of it all. Because the use of this material is the key factor in the battle against illiteracy. Research has shown that the use of the erasable writing material of Correctbook has positive outcomes. Read further to discover it all. 

    The material

    The erasable writing material received by the kids in developing areas is not exactly the same as the writing material you buy. The notebook they receive has a closed ring binder, this makes sure the kids cannot lose pages. Smart right? This notebook is also water resistant and can endure very harsh conditions as presented by arid and marginalized areas. So, the package they receive consists of this special Correctbook, a pen and an ink station. This ink station is shared among 7 to 8 children. 

  8. On our way to a 100% modular notebook!

    On our way to a 100% modular notebook!

    Create your own Correctbook A5

    What exactly is a modular notebook? In stead of being tied to a specific notebook, you get to choose which cover you want on your book and how many and what types of pages you add to your Correctbook notebook. After that you simply put the different parts of the book together and make up your own unique erasable notebook. 

  9. A small solution for pollution

    A small solution for pollution

    Did you already spot our pencil case? We’re actually quite proud of it. Proud of the looks of the pencil case, and by that we obviously mean the awesome jeans fabric and fabulous print, but moreover the beautiful story that lies behind the production of this product. You’ll read all about it in this blog. 


    A great kick-off
    It would be ideal if you could just carry around your pencils and accessories in something which is a storage box at the same time? That’s what we thought. That’s how the idea of a real Correctbook pencil case was born. But the DNA of this pencil case should totally match the other Correctbook products plus our mission and vision. Hence, we investigated the options for a product that is as environmentally friendly as possible. In short, that’s how we ended up at Africa Collect Textiles

  10. 10,000 erasable writing materials in Malawi ‘the Warm Heart of Africa’

    10,000 erasable writing materials in Malawi ‘the Warm Heart of Africa’

    The situation in Malawi

    Malawi is located in the southeast African region, sharing its borders with Mozambique to the South, Zambia to the West and Tanzania to the North. It’s a small country, compared to other African countries. Malawi is also known as the “warm heart of Africa”, and accurately so. Malawi’s people are jovial, welcoming and peaceful, making you feel entirely welcome and at ease in their lovely country. Like in many developing countries, most public schools in Malawi are in a sorry state. This is evidenced by the dilapidated infrastructure and the deplorable learning conditions. Most school-going children lack basic needs including reading and writing materials. This is a major reason why children lack the motivation to go back to school. Retaining children in schools in Malawi is a major challenge.