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  1. Correctbook’s first order in Rwanda!

    Correctbook’s first order in Rwanda!

    Sam’s journey 

    Correctbook’s first order in Rwanda! (written by Sam)

    It is October 2021 and the very first commercial Correctbooks are being produced in Rwanda. That means that these Correctbooks are not made to donate, but to be sold in the Rwandan commercial markets. Of course these sales serve the same goal, to make writing accessible to everyone.

    Correctbook aims to make her writing materials last longer than normal pens and paper, so that people will prefer buying Correctbook materials, because it saves them money. If more people buy our products, our sales will increase and that enables us to donate more writing material to children who would otherwise not have had access to any writing material.

    In Rwanda we also want to prove the sustainability and effectiveness of our materials to donors and NGOs. By doing that, we hope to convince them to buy Correctbook writing material in stead of the regular pens and paper for their education projects throughout the country.

    Another target group in Rwanda is private schools. Parents of the children in these schools pay a higher school fee than parents of kids in the government schools. These parents also have enough money to pay for the necessary school materials. If these schools decide to work with Correctbook writing material, they can save money and start using the most innovative writing material there is! And last but not least, by buying Correctbook material, they support our mission to donate the same writing material to children in their country that otherwise lack access to writing material.

    On the 15th of October our Correctbook team visited the private school IRIS Nursery in Rwamagana. The head of the school and her colleague were wearing very colorful clothing, which emphasized the beauty of that day. Both of them were so enthusiastic abo

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  2. Positive comments about Correctbook!

    Positive comments about Correctbook!

    Sam’s journey 

    Positive comments about Correctbook! (written by Sam)


    Today, we are going to visit three schools to see the impact Correctbook makes with our own eyes. Two years ago we started a cooperation with the organization called EPR, to supply schools with our writing material. Visiting ERP’s office and three of the schools today, will be a perfect opportunity to check whether the schools are still using Correctbook in the right way.

    The EPR headquarters are just one street away from our hotel. When we arrive in the early morning, the president and vice president are already waiting for us. Both of them are pleased to welcome us and the staff have coffee and cake ready for us to celebrate our visit. Vice president Pascal tells us how happy he is  about what Correctbook is doing. In two years time as many as 27.000 children have been supplied with Correctbook’s writing material!

    After this meeting, it is high time to go into the field. We are curious to know whether the Correctbook writing material in the school will  still be in good shape after two years of extensive use. We step into a big land cruiser and drive to the three schools. Two of them are located in the city of Kigali. The third one is situated outside of the city.

    When we arrive at the first school, we sit down with the head teacher of the school first. We have a lot of questions for her, like:

    • Are the Correctbook materials still being used at school?
    • How do they experience the quality of the material after two years?
    • Do the ink stations work well?
    • Is there enough ink available to keep writing throughout the year?

    We are very happy to hear a positive answer on every single question we have! When I started Correctbook and introduced new products like the ink station, I had no guarantee that the products would hold out as I expected them to. Especially the challenging circu

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