1. 500.000 children provided with erasable writing material!

    500.000 children provided with erasable writing material!

    After founding Correctbook, Sam van Tol started building his company in 2015. Friends and family helped in the attic to produce the product and even at the kitchen table the Correctbooks were packed before it was shipped. At the end of the day, he drove to the post office with a full trunk to provide Correctbooks to consumers. His dream soon arose to provide 1 million children in developing areas with erasable writing material in 2023 to reduce illiteracy.

    Collaboration with Edukans and Blue Tree Group
    In 2019 Correctbook was invited to participate in a collaboration with Edukans and Blue Tree Group. This collaboration is aimed at approaching education in Africa in a new and sustainable way and is called: Teaching With Impact. A great collaboration in which Correctbook offers the erasable writing material, Edukans the educational expertise and Blue Tree Group the logistical knowledge. Edukans received a contribution of 1,550,000 euros from the National Postcode

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  2. Sustainable and new look for Correctbook

    Sustainable and new look for Correctbook

    Sustainable and new look for Correctbook

    Please note! Soon there may be Correctbooks delivered in your letterbox with a completely new look! Last year we developed a durable and reusable kraft paper wrapper to replace the plastic seal. With this sleeve, which is also great to look at, our books are still well protected during transport and storage, but now without the use of plastic.

    This sleeve is a fantastic step in our pursuit of sustainability in all our processes. The kraft paper of the sleeve is a sturdy, natural type of paper. You can dispose of the sleeve with the old paper, but even better: you can also continue to use it as protection for your Correctbook! In that case, you simply click the sleeve back on your Correctbook after you’ve used it.         

    In the upcoming period we will switch to the new sleeve step by step. We will of course still use the latest Correctbooks w

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