Team Europe

Get to know our team! Find out with who you just had a call,
who posted our latest TikTok video or who sent you a new pen.



Sincere Backoffice Champ

Eva is always willing to lend a hand. Comes in handy when being part of the back office of a social company. By the way, be careful; her enthusiasm for sustainability is pretty contagious, so before you know it you’ll be all in it too. Luckily she can also exploit that at Correctbook. 


Inventive Backoffice Pro

Responsible for production and delivery? That’s our Géraldine. She makes sure every runs smoothly. Every day is a new challenge in her eyes, ‘cause Correctbook evolves continuously. She shines with pride, because she can also be part of the mission in this way. 


Noble Backoffice Guru

Gerda processes everything pretty quickly. In particular our orders, of course. And always with a smile from ear to ear because our mission usually has this effect on people. She loves working for our growing company to fight illiteracy. But yeah who doesn’t? 


Brand Warrior

The branding police? That’s our Eva. ‘Cause everything should be in her, eerm, Correctbook style of course. All to increase our brand awareness obviously. She thinks it’s really valuable that she is able to contribute to the battle against illiteracy this way. And on top of that in an environmentally friendly way. 


Sustainable Salesguy

Tim thinks being commercially engaged within this social enterprise is gigantic enthusing. Which is pretty convenient, being a sales representative. From this position he hopes to make his small contribution to a slightly better world. His dream is that everyone around the world knows and supports Correctbook. 


Sales Wizard Germany

Our other guy in Germany? That’s Paul. Quite efficient, being a Sales Manager for the German market. Collabing is essential, he thinks. Plus, he assures that social and sustainable entrepreneurship play an increasingly important role everywhere on this globe. We couldn’t agree more Paul. 


Chief Writing Officer

Sam was on a trip in South-Africa in 2014, that’s where the inspiration came from. ‘Cause in the same year, the then 20-year-old decided to start a company. At this moment his homebase is Africa, but for the important events he’ll show up at our doorstep in Rotterdam. 


Director of Smooth Operations

Elise has been our tower of strength for years. For all financial and operational issues we can bother her. Working with a mission fits her perfectly. She loves nothing more than building a company that evolves continuously. A daily adventure which she absolutely enjoys! 

Team Africa

Get to know team Africa! Discover who represents Correctbook in Rwanda,
who is the driving force behind Correctbook Africa and why
the regional manager is so enthusiastic about Correctbook.  



Sales Superwoman Rwanda

Monica makes sure Correctbook will be known all over Rwanda. Her dream? To work with communities. Which she happens to do for us. She believes in humanity when seeing her brothers and sisters from Africa benefit from this impactful project. This initiative will expand and develop in Africa starting with Rwanda, she assures.


Regional Rockstar

Samuel has one of the biggest smiles of Africa. Why? ‘Cause he’s the Regional Manager Africa of course. He has a passion for working with projects that benefit children. Coincidence? Probably not. Coordinating all the activities among the countries is his way to go. Well; keep up the good work Samuel! 


Sales Superwoman Kenya

Ever heard of notebooks being cut into half to save on book costs? It was the usual thing for little Lilian. Which totally explains her drive in the role of Account Manager in Kenya. She believes that if one child can learn to read and write, then a whole community has a better chance at eradicating poverty.


Connections Captain

Roel is our proud partner in Correctbook Africa. He loves chatting with Ministries, Donors, Institutional Organizations and implementing partners, but also with individual schools. Everything to provide teachers and children with a tool that allows them to practice over and over again. Spread the word Roel!


Sales Superwoman South Africa

To roll up your sleeves? That doesn't sound unfamiliar to Julia, growing up in Rotterdam. She's on cloud nine 'cause she can achieve life purpose in both her work and personal life, which is to help others and make a difference in the world. This is the reason why she makes sure everyone will use Correctbook in South Africa. 


Operations Master Rwanda

Keza speaks whopping three languages, which is pretty convenient when you're running things in Rwanda. She loves working for a bigger cause. But if she's not busy with that, she really enjoys to journal, try new classes and yeah just embrace life. Well, actually what else does one need? 


Sales & Socials Star

A strong passion for sustainability and education? No doubt we’re talking about Wairimu. And we can definitely use this passion at Correctbook. She is super excited to make impact! But how? Well, she is determined to spot new customers and next to that she also runs all Correctbook Africa socials. Go go go Wairimu!