About the operation of Correctbook

What material is a Correctbook made of?

A Correctbook is made of paper and plastic. The cover of the Hardcover is made of solid cardboard with a layer of artificial leather around it.

A haze is left in my Correctbook after having erased my notes. How do I get rid of that?

With a moist wiping cloth or the Correctbook cleaning spray you can get your page fully clean.

*With the coloured fineliners, take into account that they may leave a light haze on the pages. We are working to improve this in the future, but unfortunately we can not remedy this with the current ink.

My pen does not work (properly), what can I do?

The ink in the pen of Correctbook was specially designed to dry quickly. For this reason, the pen tends to dry out quickly when the cap is not (properly) on the pen for a while. When the pen has dried out, you can put a drop of water in the cap and leave the pen upside down for 12 hours with the cap on. If this does not work, send a mail to infor@correctbook.com so we can try to find a fitting solution together.

When do I have to refill my pen?

You can write about a thousand metres with your Correctbook pen! As soon as the pen starts to write somewhat lighter, we recommend you refill your pen. In any case, do not wait until the point is completely dry, for then you might not be able to refill the pen again.

How long does my pen have to stand in the inkpot before it is completely refilled?

To refill the pen completely it must stand in the inkpot for 24 hours. You can take out the pen sooner, but it will not be completely refilled and you will need to refill it again sooner.

How many times can I fill my pen with an inkpot?

Your pen can be refilled with an inkpot up to 12 times.

How many pages in total can fit in one Correctbook?

A Correctbook Original contains 20 sheets (40 pages) as standard. You can expand this with 20 extra sheets (40 pages). so that you end up with a total of 40 sheets (80 pages). This does not include the cover (front and back of the Correctbook).

The Correctbook Premium also contains 20 sheets (40 pages) and you can expand this with 10 extra sheets (20 pages), so that you get a total of 30 sheets (60 pages) excluding the cover (front and back of the Correctbook).

How do I make sure that my pages will become and remain as clean as possible?

To keep your Correctbook in a good condition, it is important to erase the notes you no longer need as soon as possible. The longer your notes remain in your Correctbook, the more energy it will take to properly clean your Correctbook. In addition, it is important to really take good care of your Correctbook every once in a while. In the case of daily or intensive use, you should clean your Correctbook once a month entirely with Correctbook Cleaning Spray for an optimal result. Of course you can also do this with only a wiping cloth (slightly moisten it for easier wiping). Other cleaning agents may damage the Correctbook and reduce its performance. 

Is my Correctbook waterproof?

A Correctbook is splash water proof. This means that your Correctbook can easily take some splashes without causing the ink to stain, but don’t leave it in the rain!

About our mission

How much do I actually contribute to your mission with the purchase of one Correctbook?

With the purchase of one Correctbook you give one child in a developing country access to erasable writing material for a period of three months. Our projects have been set up in such a way that we provide children in development areas with our erasable writing material for a period of at least 4 years. This way, the purchase of 16 Correctbooks is equal to writing material for 4 years for one child.

Do I also contribute to your mission if I only buy a pen/set of extra pages?

Yes! To convey our work method clearly to you, we have calculated how long we can provide one child with writing material through the sale of one Correctbook. However, we spend a fixed part of our entire turnover to the realisation of our projects. Therefore, it makes no difference whether you order 5 Correctbooks or only one pen; in both cases you will contribute to a better world!

I have all I want from Correctbook but still want to contribute to your mission. How can I do that?

Supercool that you want to support us (even more)! It is possible to become a Correctbook Buddy. As a Correctbook buddy you donate 8 euros monthly, contributing directly to our projects. With a donation of 8 euros per months you annually give one child access to erasable writing material for his of her entire school period! Of course you can also make a one-off donation, we’re also very pleased with that!

About the purchase/order

Are Correctbook’s products also for sale in shops?

Yes! The products of Correctbook are for sale at various Bruna, Ako and World shops and at Office Centres and Staples. Look here for a shop nearby.

The product I want to order is not in stock at the web shop. When will the product be available again?

We try to restock products as soon as possible. For the exact dates you can send a mail to info@correctbook.com.

When do I pay shipping costs (and how much)?

If you order from our web shop for less than € 50, shipping costs are charged. If you order something that fits through your mailbox, shipping costs are € 3.95. If it concerns a parcel to be delivered, shipping costs are € 5.95. If the total order exceeds € 50, shipment is free.

How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

If you order on work days before 4 P.M., your order will be shipped the same day and you will usually receive your order (depending on PostNL) the next (work) day. If you order during the weekend, your order is shipped on Monday. Take into account that delivery times may be different on and around public holidays, due to traffic peaks.

Can I change or cancel my order after I have placed it?

The contents of your order cannot be changed once the order has been placed. 

Did you receive your Correctbook in a plastic seal and not in the Correctbook Sleeve?

We are currently in a transition phase and that’s why you may still receive your order in plastic sealing.

We don’t know when all Correctbooks will be provided with the new sustainable packaging.

We will keep you informed of all developments via social media and the newsletter.


I want to return a product, how do I do this?

For our return policy, view this page.

Correctbook App

Can I merge photos?

Unfortunately, you cannot merge several scans (pages) into one file. You can make folders in which you can group separate scans (pages).

How can I save my file in colour?

After you have taken a photo and have cropped it to your satisfaction, click on ‘Done’ (Apple) or on the checkmark (Android). After that, the photo will automatically be transferred into a black-and-white scan. This can be changed by the following. Click on the three overlapping rings, a new sub-window will open with the option bottom left to choose for ‘Original’. When you click on that, your scan will change back to the original coloured photo. Then save the scan as you are used to.

How can I share my file?

Open the Correctbook and go to any folder. Click top right on ‘Edit’ and select the scan(s) you want to share. Click at the bottom of the screen on the share icon (three dots with a connecting line between them). Choose a programme you want to share it with. Happy note sharing!

Can I switch quickly between scans in my app?

The scans you make are separate documents; therefore you cannot navigate directly from one document to the next. To switch between other documents, you have to go back to the home page.

How about the privacy in the Correctbook App?

The Correctbook App is a closed system. This means that the scans you make are only saved on your own smartphone. So we have no access whatsoever to your data.

If your question is not mentioned, please send an e-mail with your question to info@correctbook.com!