Frequently Asked Questions

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Product questions

What material is a Correctbook made of?

A Correctbook is made of paper and plastic. The cover of the Premium is made of sturdy cardboard with a layer of artificial leather or linen around it.

My pen is not working (properly), what can I do?

The ink in the Correctbook pen is specially designed to dry quickly. That is why the Correctbook pen dries out quickly when the cap is not (properly) on the pen for a while. If the pen has dried out, you can add a drop of water to the cap and leave the cap-capped pen upside down for 12 hours. If this is not successful, please send an email to so that we can find a suitable solution together.

When should I refill my pen?

You can write about a thousand meters with your Correctbook pen! As soon as your pen starts to write a little lighter, we recommend that you refill your pen. In any case, do not wait until your pen is completely empty, because then you may not be able to refill the pen again.

How long does my pen have to be in the refill station before it is completely refilled?

To fully refill the pen, the pen must be in the inkwell for 24 consecutive hours. You can also take the pen out earlier, but then it is not fully refilled and you will have to refill the pen sooner.

Loving visuals? View our instruction about refilling your pen here.

How often can I fill my pen with a refill station?

Your pen can be refilled up to 4 times with a refill station.

How often can I use a refill station? 

You can use a refill station up to 12 times. 

How many pages in total fit in a Correctbook?

A Correctbook Original contains 20 sheets (40 pages) as standard. You can expand this with a maximum of 20 extra sheets (40 pages), so that you end up with a total of 40 sheets (80 pages). Our recommendation is to add up to 10 extra sheets (20 pages), so that the Correctbook can still close properly. This does not include the cover (front and back of the Correctbook).

The Correctbook Linen and Artificial Leather also contain 20 sheets (40 pages) and you can expand this with a maximum of 15 extra sheets (30 pages), so that will give you a total of 35 sheets (70 pages) excluding the cover (front and back of the Correctbook). For the linen and artificial leather notebooks, our advice is also to add up to about 10 sheets.

Can my Correctbook withstand water?

A Correctbook is splash-proof. This means that your Correctbook can easily absorb some splashes without the ink staining, but don't leave it in the rain!

Order questions

Are Correctbook products also for sale in stores?

Yes, of course! Correctbook products are for sale in various Bruna's and Wereldwinkels. Look here for a store near you.

The product I want to order is not in stock in the webshop. When will the product be back in stock?

We always try to have products that run out of stock back in stock as soon as possible. For the exact dates you can send an email to

How long does it take for my order to be delivered?

If you order on workdays before 3.30 p.m., your order will be shipped the same day and (depending on PostNL) you will usually receive your order the next (working) day. If you order on the weekend, your order will be shipped on Monday. Please note that the delivery times on and around public holidays may deviate due to extra crowds.

Can I change or cancel my order after I've placed it?

The contents of your order cannot be changed after you have placed it. If you have any questions about your order, please contact us by sending an email to

I want to return a product, how do I do this?

See our return policy on this page.

Correctbook cleaning tips

How do I ensure that my pages are and remain as clean as possible?

To keep your Correctbook in good condition, it is important that you erase notes that you no longer need as soon as possible. The longer your notes remain in your Correctbook, the more energy it will cost you to properly clean the Correctbook. In addition, it is important that you take good care of your Correctbook every now and then. With daily or intensive use, you can completely clean your Correctbook once a month with the Correctbook Cleaning Spray for optimal results. Of course you can also do this with just the wipe (moisten it a bit to make it easier to wipe). Other cleaning agents can damage the Correctbook and reduce its effectiveness.

A haze remains in my Correctbook after I erase my notes. How do I get this off?

With a damp wipe or with the Correctbook cleaning spray it is possible to get your page completely clean.

*Please note that the colored fineliners may leave a slight haze on the pages. We are working on improving this in the future, but unfortunately we can't fix it with the current ink.

Mission questions

How much do I actually contribute to your mission with the purchase of one Correctbook?

With the purchase of one Correctbook you give one child in a development area access to erasable writing material for a period of 3 months. Our projects are set up in such a way that we provide children in developing areas with our erasable writing material for a period of at least 4 years. In this way, the purchase of 16 Correctbooks is equivalent to writing material for 4 years for one child.

Do I also contribute to your mission if I only purchase a pen/set of extra pages?

Yes, of course! We spend 5% of our yearly turnover on the realization of our education projects. That is why it does not matter whether you order 5 Correctbooks or just a pen; in both cases you contribute to a better world!