Together we make endless writing possible for everyone

Correctbook produces endless erasable notebooks, for everyone. Your purchase will let you write endlessly and you will give children in developing areas access to the same endless writing experience.


Children in developing areas with a Correctbook Writing Set

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How to use a correctbook?


Writing in a Correctbook feels the same as on ordinary paper. Notes will dry within a couple of seconds and won’t stain after that.


Scan your important notes with the free Correctbook® PDF Scan App. This way, you will digitise your notes so you can always view them whenever you need to.


Erase your notes when you have stored important matters. Notes can be erased with the back side of a Correctbook® pen, the Correctbook® wiping cloth, the Correctbook® cleaning sponges, the Correctbook® Cleaning set or a dry/moist cloth.


The Correctbook is now ready for reuse. Write again in your erasable notebook!

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Endless Writing for Everyone

While on vacation in South Africa, Correctbook founder Sam discovered what it was that children in the slums really wanted: something to write on. 250 million children do not have access to school materials. That has to change.

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Pesonalize your Correctbook 

Do you want to personalize your own Correctbook? Waste no paper at the office anymore. Let us surprise you with our high quality printed matter. And the best of everything: for every Correctbook purchased, a trimester of writing is donated to a child in developing areas of the world.

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The best erasable writing experience!

Does a Correctbook write well? Certainly! With the developed Correctbook® Core pages, writing in a Correctbook feels just loke on normal paper.

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