The Correctbook Scan App

With the Correctbook Scan App you can digitize, organise and share your notes. Write endlessly in your Correctbook and erase the things you don't need anymore. Store important notes? Scan and save them in the notebook app. You can even create usefull folders to keep a good overview. Share the scans with Dropbox or Whatsapp for example. Never delete the scanned photos from the photo galary of your phone. Take a look at the roadmap below and go ahead! Please note that there may be difficulties downloading and using the app on some phones or with certain operating system versions (iOS or Android). We are doing our very best to fix this as soon as possible and are currently working hard on a brand new app.

Step 1: Scan your page

Step 2: Use filters          

Step 3: Manage notes & tabs

Step 4: Share scans with the cloud