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Buying the Correctbook Whiteboard Agenda?

With the Correctbook whiteboard agenda, you purchase an erasable notebook in the form of an agenda that you will use for the rest of your life! The whiteboard agenda is equipped with Unbind & Click Ringbinders. This makes it possible to pull the sheets off and click them back in, so you can keep your own layout. As with the Correctbook Original, we also use the Correctbook Core pages for the agenda. The agenda comes in a Correctbook Sleeve and you will also receive a Correctbook Pen and an cleaning cloth.

The erasable Correctbook Agenda

The erasable agenda is reusable due to its erase function. It is therefore possible to use the agenda annually. So, you don't have to buy a new agenda every year and this also saves you a lot of paper. The 'endless agenda' is available in two different colours. In the color 'Forest Green' and 'Blossom Pink'. In the agenda you will find different types of pages that can be used for various activities.

The monthly pages and week pages

The agenda contains twelve monthly pages, where you can plan all days in the month in one overview and also note important reminders. The erasable agenda also contains weekly pages. With the week pages you can easily and orderly plan your weeks. The agenda has 24 weekly pages. Why was this chosen? With this we encourage sustainable writing by using less paper. We believe that with the Correctbook Agenda you will have the best erasable writing experience and will not need more pages. Experience the convenience and flexible working method by using the Unbind & Click Ring Binder. Organize the agenda the way you want!

The birthday calendar 

A birthday calendar is a must-have for an agenda. Easily keep track of all the birthdays of friends and family so that you will never forget them!

The bucket list page

What activities have you always wanted to do, but never had the time for? Note these activities on the bucket list page and don't forget to mention who you want to perform them with!

Your own work/school schedule 

You can easily fill in your weekly school or work schedule with the help of these pages.
Do you have to deal with common changes in your schedule that you constantly have to implement? With the erasable sheets of the whiteboard agenda you can easily and neatly change your planning.

The shopping list page

Your weekly shopping list written in our erasable notebook! With the shopping list page you prevent the separate papers which you then lose. Write down your shopping list, scan the list with the app and place it in a separate folder for the next time you want to go shopping.   

Prepared for the new school year or start a new job? With the Correctbook whiteboard agenda at hand, you can easily plan the most important moments!