Correctbook Accessories

Correctbook accessories for best results

In addition to the erasable notebooks, Correctbook also offers accessories. These accessories serve as support for your Correctbook and should ensure that you can continue writing endlessly. Below we provide an overview of the Correctbook accessories that we offer.

Correctbook pens and refill ink for the erasable notebooks

At Correctbook we have Correctbook pens of 0.6 mm and 1.0 mm. Although you receive a Correctbook pen (0.6 mm) with the purchase of your Correctbook, it does not hurt to have an extra one in your pocket. This way you are always provided and you can keep writing. The Correctbook pen (0.6 mm) is available in four different colors. In addition to the well-known black pen, we also offer the colors red, green and blue. The 1.0 mm pen is perfect for drawing and is recommended when you draw a lot, want to quickly sketch something or emphasize text (eg headlines). Is the refill of your Correctbook pen empty? Then don't throw the pen away, refill it! The refill ink ensures that you can reuse your pen when it is empty.

The Correctbook Cleaning Cloth

When purchasing a Correctbook you will also receive a durable Correctbook Cleaning Cloth. The cleaning cloth is reusable and can be washed. Do you like to always have an extra cloth at hand? Order the cloth separately.

The Correctbook Cleaning kit and cleaning sponge

With the Correctbook cleaning kit you can quickly and easily clean an entire page. The liquid of the spray provides extra protection for your Correctbook Core Pages. After using the cleaning spray, the ink will penetrate the pages less stubbornly. The cleaning set contains a cleaning spray and a Correctbook Cleaning Cloth. Choose the Correctbook cleaning sponge if you have small notes and want to erase your erasable notebook.

Correctbook Tabs and extra pages

To better organize your Correctbook A5 or Correctbook A4 we offer the Correctbook Tabs. With the Correctbook tabs you give structure to the location of your notes. You will receive four tabs in the colors yellow, red, blue and green. Do you want to expand your Correctbook with extra erasable pages? Then order the set of pages you would like to add and easily click them onto the Correctbook Unbind & Click Ring Binder.