Correctbook Cleaning Spray

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Correctbook cleaning spray

Wanna clean your Correctbook thoroughly? This is possible with the Correctbook cleaning spray! The Correctbook cleaning spray has a water-based liquid so that you can quickly and easily erase the ink and/or ink residues on a page. In addition, the fluid provides extra protection for your Correctbook Core Pages

Features of the Cleaning Spray Bottle


With the cleaning spray, use our cleaning cloth. Use it endlessly by washing it when it is dirty and by reusing it you have a positive impact on the environment! The wiper cloth can be washed in the washing machine, but to keep the cloth in optimal condition, we recommend avoiding fabric softeners and washing programs above 60°C.

Rather not use a spray? You can also use the Correctbook cleaning cloth separately or buy the Correctbook cleaning sponges. A Correctbook cleaning cloth is supplied free of charge when you order your Correctbook. In addition to the cleaning, the Correctbook pen is also included free of charge when ordering your Correctbook. The erasing cloth can be reused indefinitely and when your pen is empty you can easily refill it with the refill ink.