Correctbook Refill station

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Refill ink fort the Correctbook pen

The Correctmarker Refill station ensures that you can reuse the Correctbook marker when it’s empty. One jar of refilling ink can be used 10 to 12 times. One pen can be refilled up to 4 times. Talking about sustainability, right? Plus you don't need to buy a new pen right away when your current one is empty. Correctbook also donates these refill stations in Africa because that is more eco-friendly than replacing empty markers.

Need help with refilling your pen with the ink station? Watch the video at the right for all the steps.

Available Ink Colors

  • Black (20 ml)
  • Blue (20 ml)

At the moment the refill ink is not (yet) available for the green and red Correctbook pens. But these ink colors may be introduced in the future. Wanna receive all updates? Sign up for our newsletter here.

How does it work?

Simple. Put your empty Correctbook pen for a period of 24 hours with the tip in the refill station. Hereafter the pen is refilled and ready to use again.  

Place the cap on the back of the pen while refilling, to prevent dehydration of the sponge in the cap. The refill station can also be used to refill the Correctbook markers.
Be aware: as soon as your pen starts to write less intense we advise to refill your pen. Don't wait until your tip is dry! 

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