Correctbook Pen 0.6mm

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Correctbook pen

The Correctbook pens provide an excellent writing experience in your erasable notebook. The pens write smoothly, do not stain and the ink dries within a few seconds. The 0.6mm fineliner is ideal for writing and is advised when you write a lot and want to take notes quickly. The 1.0mm pen is perfect for drawing and is recommended when you draw a lot, want to sketch something  or emphasize text (for example headlines). Not using your pen at the moment? Try to store it vertically, with the point pointing down. Not doable? Then it's also satisfied with laying horizontally. 

Available Colors & Sizes

Uniqueness of the Correctbook pen

Notes from the Correctbook pens dry within seconds. The pen marks cannot be erased by hand and can only be erased in your Correctbook with the back of the Correctbook pen, the Correctbook cleaning cloth, the cleaning sponges, the cleaning kit or a dry/damp cloth. So don't worry about stains when writing notes in your Correctbook. Is your Correctbook pen empty? Of course you can buy a new Correctbook pen to replace the old one, but the most environmentally conscious choice is to refill it with the refill ink. Do you want to try out all the colors? Then take a look at our Correctbook pen set!

My pen is not working (properly), what can I do?

The ink in the Correctbook pen is specially designed to dry quickly. That is why the Correctbook pen dries out quickly when the cap is not (properly) on the pen for a while. If the pen has dried out, you can add a drop of water to the cap and leave the cap-capped pen upside down for 12 hours. If this is not successful, please send an email to so that we can find a suitable solution together.

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