Correctbook Cleaning Cloth

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Correctbook Cleaning Cloth

This reusable cleaning cloth is new in our collection! It is ideal for erasing larger surfaces in your Correctbook.  The Correctbook Cleaning Cloth is washable which means you can use it endlessly like your Correctbook! The cloth can be washed in the washing machine, but to keep it in the best condition, we recommend that you avoid fabric softeners and washing programs above 60° Celsius. With your Correctbook purchase we provide children in developing areas with the same erasable writing material.

Features of the Cleaning Cloth


The cleaning cloth is supplied free of charge when you order your Correctbook. Do you already have a Correctbook in your shopping cart? Then you do not have to order the cleaning cloth separately. In addition to the cleaning cloth, the Correctbook pen is also included free of charge when you order your Correctbook. The cleaning cloth can be reused indefinitely and when your pen is empty you can easily refill it with the refill ink.