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Correctbook is a social enterprise producing erasable notebooks for individuals and businesses. These sustainable notebooks are good for the environment, and furthermore Correctbook is working on a solution for illiteracy through development projects in Africa.


The erasable notebooks from Correctbook can be fully personalised. Choose your size, the type of cover, the cover print (inside and outside), and the inside (type of pages). Together with an account manager, you can easily create a Correctbook that fits your business and budget. We think it’s important that you are happy with the product, so we are offering a warranty on the quality of the end product.

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What makes a Correctbook Unique?


Our Own Mission

The company started out with the mission to help children living under difficult circumstances in Africa by providing sustainable writing materials. This mission, to make endless writing accessible to all, is still our drive. For every Correctbook that we sell, Correctbook provides a trimester of writing materials to our development projects in Africa. We have initiated our own development projects, so we have a direct impact with our prize-winning social enterprise.


the Best Writing Experience 

We value quality and ease of use. This means that buying basic products from suppliers is not an option for us. We design and develop our erasable notebooks ourselves, so we can offer the best writing experience with the most ease of use. Our own Correctbook® Core Pages in combination with the Correctbook® Unbind & Click Ring Binder make the Correctbook a unique item on the market.


Local & Sustainable Production 

The Correctbook production takes place as locally as possible. This way, we can avoid the pollution of international transport and create local employment opportunities. Local production also ensures that we can make quick deliveries, and on a large scale. Of course, we produce our Correctbooks as sustainably as possible.

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Correctbook Promotional Gift of the Year  2017, 2018 & 2019!

“It’s almost unbelievable. Winning the title of promotional gift of the year usually happens only once, when the product is still new. The first year, we won the title thanks to the jury. The following two years, we won thanks to the visitors who came to see us at the annual PromZ conference in the Kromhouthal in Amsterdam. It’s incredible how much support an idea will receive, if you are really trying to achieve something beautiful.”

Correctbook printerd in full colour, completely custom 
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