Promotional gift of the year 2017, 2018 & 2019

No kidding; we have won this title 3 years in a row. This usually happens only one time, when the product is brandnew.

Helping 1 million kids: are you in?

We have set a pretty ambitious goal: provide 1 million kids in developing areas with writing material for one year.

Seeing is                                believing, right?

See the experiences of companies which already ordered a personalized notebook. 

Who is Correctbook?

Meet the erasable notebook that will last forever, here but also in developing areas. With the purchase of each Correctbook, we provide children in developing areas with the same erasable writing material. Available in all kinds of sizes: from pocket to A4.

Account Manager Correctbook

Request a sample

Seeing is believing, right? Or actually, experiencing, and then ordering of course! Request your sample now and find out if you are as enthusiastic as we are ourselves.

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Printing a notebook

A personalized notebook: what does that look like? Our erasable notebooks can be completely designed like you wish. You can decide on the size, the type of cover and the printing: the cover and the type of pages. No longer paper waste at the office & you give children in developing areas the same writing material. 

Looking for inspiration? Are you not able to picture it completely? See some personalized company examples below.

Together with one of our accountmanagers you easily & rapidly create a Correctbook that suits your company and (not importantly) your budget. 

Worth of mouth

We held a conference for our SHEQ (Safety, Health, Environment, Quality) professionals. We at Renewi, strive to be the leading waste-to-product company by contributing to a sustainable society for our key stakeholders. What do we mean by waste-to-product? At Renewi we focus exclusively on extracting value from waste instead of incinerating or dumping waste. Sustainability is a high priority at Renewi and the Correctbook was therefore a logical solution for the guests of the conference. We found Correctbook through Google. We are very satisfied with how the beautiful book has turned out. The design is made by Parcour Learning. We received many compliments regarding the Correctbook.

Juliette Disbeschl

During the IT integration after the acquisition of Santillana Spain, we wanted to give a present to the new colleagues as a welcome to our IT services and to announce the contact details of our new Spanish IT Service Desk. Our Sustainability strategy is an important part of our business operations, which consists of six main themes. Inclusive learning is one of the six key themes through which we promote equal access to education for all students, especially in the current digital transformation. Correctbook therefore fits in perfectly with what Sanoma considers important and supports. One of our colleagues was already a Correctbook user and thinks it is a great product. We think the objectives of Correctbook and the difference you make for children in developing areas are very nice and are in line with our objectives, both in the field of education and sustainability.

Linda Jongejan 
Sanoma Learning