Originale and sustainable promotional gifts

Want to give an original promotional gift to your customers? What a lovely thought. Of course, you can do that around public holidays. But why not be spontaneous? Today, for instance. But why? Because a Correctbook is sustainable, smart and environment-friendly. It causes less paper waste within the company, you are participating in the fight against illiteracy and you spread awareness. Good for yourself and your customers.


Correctbook in short

Correctbook is a manufacturer of sustainable erasable notebooks and Correctbook has a mission: battling against world wide illiteracy. Every day 250 million children go to school without writing material. This is part of the reason why more than 750 million people of fifteen years and up world wide are still illiterate. That is why Correctbook decided to take action. With each purchase of a Correctbook, one child in a developing area is provided with three months worth of erasable writing material.


Printing promotional gifts

Great, you intend to give a Correctbook to your customers. The good thing is that our erasable Correctbooks can be printed in full colour with your own logo and in your house style. Everywhere that your promotional gift/Correctbook is used, the logo and house style of your company will be visible. And the good thing is: they are reused.


Promotional gift of the year

Recently, we were elected promotional gift of the year for the second time in a row. Of course, we are immensely proud of this, and of course we hope even more companies will choose Correctbook as a result. Each year, Promz organises the event ‘PromZ Live’: the event around promotional gifts for the entire industry. Each year, various titles are awarded, including ‘Promotional Gift of the Year’. Correctbook has earned this title two times already (2017&2018). The notebooks, together with the development aid, have thawed many hearts.

Giving a sustainable promotional gift  

Of course, you can also use the Correctbooks yourself. Are you visiting a customer? Take your Correctbook. Make your notes on it and tell them proudly why you are using Correctbook. Am excellent ice-breaker. Or hand them out to your customers spontaneously. Experience teaches that customers find it fantastic to receive a sustainable promotional gift. This way, you will share Correctbook’s story directly. We love that. The more people we reach, the larger the aid we can offer.


What do our customers think of the promotional gifts?

‘As a producer of spectacle lenses we were at the eve of a big introduction. So this excellently fitted Sam’s brilliant idea. In particular because we could realise our own design quickly and effectively. After the sessions it turned out that all tables were empty: all Correctbooks had been taken home. So we didn’t have to go around with a large bin to collect the remainder of the booklets and pens. What makes it extra special is that we also supported a good cause with this.’


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