A5 Correctbook

The Correctbook A5 is a must-have!

The Correctbook A5 is the best-selling format in the range. The erasable notebook in A5 format is compact, light and can be used at different times. The A5 notebook is available in all colors from our range and also special editions which we release annually. Write and design your own designs or expand your rewritable notebook with a set of extra pages. Do you want to create more structure in your A5 erasable notebook? With the tabs you can organize your erasable notebook the way you want. When purchasing a Correctbook A5 you will receive a pen and a Correctbook Cleaning cloth.

The Correctbook A5 is ideal for every moment!

Do you have to deal with meetings in which you have to take a lot of minutes? With the rewritable notebook you can easily write minutes or summaries for every meeting. You can also use the Correctbook A5 in your spare time. Write out your recipes and save them in the Correctbook app. Make lists in preparation for a trip or when you go shopping. Simply write down the addresses and phone numbers of friends and family or keep track of other data.

Prepared for the new school year to start with the Correctbook A5

The erasable notebook is for young and old. Do you want to be well prepared for the new school year, without losing an overview of all the notebooks you normally purchase? The reusable notebook is equipped with the Unbind and Click Ringbinders. This makes your A5 notebook not only flexible in use, but you can also supplement your A5 erasable notebook with extra pages. Use the same notebook for both your math and language classes. Don't need your notes anymore? Then delete them with the Correctbook cleaning cloth or save them in our app. Save money and start the new school year prepared.