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Sam van Tol, founder of the Rotterdam social enterprise Correctbook, went to South Africa on October 2, 2021 for five months to personally reinforce his goal of making writing accessible to everyone. For this purpose, subsidiary Correctbook Africa B.V. was founded on the 9th of September 2021. Under that banner, in addition to spending the donations from sales, Sam entered new markets for Correctbook such as the NGO and donor market, but also the local commercial market. He also set up a local distribution channel and a local production facility in South Africa.

What made this adventure extra special is that Sam's dream and therefore Correctbook's mission also started in South Africa! To mark this memorable moment in Correctbook history, we launched a special edition of Correctbook, the “Correctbook Goes Africa” special edition. This is a Correctbook in A5 format with a African design on the cover.

Features of this Special Edition Notebook

CO2-Neutral production

The reusable notebook above is produced in the Netherlands. Together with Trees for All we make sure the production of the Correctbook pages and cover is completely CO2-neutral. Naturally, we are proud of our local and sustainable production!

Uniqueness of Correctbook

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