Battling against illiteracy

Banish illiteracy worldwide. That's our mission. Correctbook isn't able to do this without help. Wanna support a good cause? With each Correctbook purchase we can provide children in developing areas with the same erasable writing material. We spend 5% of our annual turnover on the realization of our educational projects.

Ambitious? For sure

Providing 1 million children with a year's worth of writing materials in 2023. And we need you to achieve this! Why? Together we make writing accessible to everyone in the world.

How are we doing?

Well, so far we helped 631.409 children in developing areas are provided with an erasable Correctbook writing set for a year. We count in years, because we find it most important that a child keeps on writing their full school period. That's why, every year, we replenish ink stations and replace broken books at the schools we support.

What's the history? 

In 2014 founder Sam was on holiday in South-Africa. This was the place where he saw that children didn't have any access to basic writing materials like pen and paper. The material was too expensive and ran out quickly on top of that. 

Impact partners

Creating impact is something we do together. In fact; have to do together. To increase our impact we work together with different organisations. 

Why is Correctbook sustainable?

Using Correctbook has a positive impact on the environment, compared to using a paper notebook. With our erasable notebook you prevent paper waste. For the production of our notebooks paper from FSC certified forests is used. 

Consume less

What? Yes, we highly recommend to use our books as long as possible. And that's why we also make it a modular notebook. Lost a page or is your cover damaged? Order it seperately! 



We are working very hard to make all our packaging as sustainable as possible. This also means some products don't even need a wrapping. Wherever it's possible we love to use kraft paper. 

Sustainable relations

Building and maintaining longlasting relationships with all its stakeholders at home and abroad is of great importance to Correctbook. Curious who these relations are? View all our impact partners here