Correctbook Original

The Correctbook Original is a must-have!

The Correctbook Original is the first article to be published is by Correctbook and also the best-selling product. The erasable notebook is available in the formats A4, A5, A6 and A7(Correctbook Pocket). Each Correctbook comes with a black Correctbook pen (0.6 mm) and a Correctbook Cleaning Cloth. The erasable notebooks are produced locally in a CO2-neutral way. The paper used for the Correctbooks comes from FSC-certified wood.

Correctbook Unbind & Click Ring Binder

Each Correctbook includes the Unbind & Click Ringbinders. A unique ring binder system that ensures that you can share your notes with others or organize your Correctbook. It is possible to pull the blades off and click them back in while preserving the shape and quality of the blades.

In which colors is the Correctbook Original available?

The Correctbook Original is available in various colors. It differs per format in which colors the Correctbook is available. The only format where all colors are available is the Correctbook A5. New colors are added to the current range every year. In addition, less popular colors may disappear from the range.

Each Correctbook has a unique name. The article name indicates which article from the range it concerns, what the size is and is also provided with a unique color name. The color names respond to the values that Correctbook considers important.

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