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Buying Correctbook cleaning products?

Are you looking for cleaning products to thoroughly clean your Correctbook? Then look no further. Within our range you will find various cleaning products with which you can quickly and easily erase ink or ink residues on a page. This way you can enjoy your reusable notebook endlessly. Do you also want to purchase new writing materials? Then take a look at our extensive range and get inspired.

The cleaning products for your Correctbook

With so many cleaning supplies to choose from, it's important to know how each cleaning item works. Although you can erase pen marks with the back of a Correctbook pen, it is recommended to use the Correctbook erasing cloth for large surfaces. to use. The wiper cloth is reusable and can be washed. The Correctbook cleaning cloth is supplied free of charge when ordering your Correctbook. Do you already have a Correctbook in your shopping cart? Then it is not necessary to order these separately. The Correctbook cleaning sponges, on the other hand, must be ordered separately. The cleaning sponges come in a storage box and are ideal for erasing short notes. Use the Correctbook cleaning-kit if you want to thoroughly clean your rewritable notebook. The cleaning set consists of a cleaning spray and a Correctbook cleaning cloth. The cleaning spray that comes with the cleaning set contains a water-based liquid, so you can erase your notes in no time. The Correctbook core pages are additionally protected by the liquid, so that the ink will penetrate the pages less stubbornly.

Advice and information at Correctbook

The range of cleaning products is wide, so making a choice can be quite difficult. That is why we would like to share our expertise with you. Not sure which cleaning supplies are best for your erasable notebook? Please contact our customer service via +31(0)103105099  or via Our customer service will always provide you with the right advice.