Will Correctbook be acknowledged as official school material for Rwanda?

The fifth and last episode of the second season of our series Correctbook Diary can now be found on our YouTube channel! In this episode we visit the Rwandese Educational Board (REB). The REB is the governmental organisation that is responsible for education in Rwanda. With our contact person and production coordinator Ezechiel we visit the REB to discuss whether Correctbook can be acknowledged as official school material in Rwanda. The discussions took off in a positive way!

In this episode we also travel to the most remote school of Rwanda, near the border of Burundi: G.S. Biharagu. It is a huge school with thousands of students. The 700 students that were  present when we arrived all received a Correctbook. And then the magical moment was there that all the students walked into the school yard to show off their new Correctbook! It was a magnificent ending to the day.

The last evening already. In Africa it is the custom to invite guests that are really important to you into your home to share the evening family meal with them. Ezechiel invite dus to his home for a wonderful meal. We played music untill late in the evening and so our Rwanda visit 2020 came to a beautiful end.

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