New learning concept Edukans with Correctbook receives over 1.5 million Euro for sustainable and innovative education on behalf of participants of Postcode Lottery

We have very good news! Thanks to the participants of the National Post code Lottery in The Netherlands, the cooperation between Edukans and Correctbook received a fantastic donation of 1.550.000 euro to spend on a sustainable and innovative primary education programme in Africa. Ambassadors Nick & Simon, a famous musical duo, surprised director of Edukans, Ron Rijnbende, with this cheque during the Post code Lottery neighborhood party last Wednesday.

This means we can now officially introduce to you a new cooperation between Correctbook, Edukans and BlueTree Group. Together we aim to approach primary education in Africa in a new and sustainable way. Our programme is called Correctbook Active Teaching and Learning and combines the educational expertise of Edukans with the sustainable Correctbook writing materials. Blue Tree Group makes this all possible by bringing in their expertise on all the necessary logistic processes in Africa to produce and spread the needed products.

The fact that the Post code lottery supports this new concept is very meaningfull and says a lot about the potential of this programme. This financial contribution is the start of this unique project to improve education in Ethiopia, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana. Within the programme, 400.000 primary school children in these countries will receive a Correctbook with the Correctbook pens and ink.

What exactly are we going to do?

The Correctbook notebooks are made to last at least four years, as you can clean them and use them again and again. Not only is this very sustainable, but it also solves the widely spread problem of lack of writing materials that many African schools deal with. Access to good school materials helps teachers to educate their students better. Within the programme, teachers will be trained by Edukans how to improve their teaching skills and how to use the Correctbook materials. Because the pages of the Correctbook are rewritable, the children have endless opportunities to practice, make mistakes, try again and learn!

Sam van Tol, Founder of Correctbook, says: "Everyone thought it was a crazy idea when I launched our mission two years ago: one million children will have a Correctbook before the year 2023. I am still convinced that we will pull this off and this donation for this programme is a huge help.

Thank you to the participants of the Post code Lottery!

These donations are made possible thanks to the three million participants in the Post code Lottery. Half of their payments to the Lottery are spent on charity in the area of human wellbeing and environment. This fall the Post code Lottery announced several extra donations. In total, the Post code Lottery has donated a total sum of 5.8 billion euro’s to hundreds of charity and social organisations since 1989.