500.000 children provided with erasable writing material!

After founding Correctbook, Sam van Tol started building his company in 2015. Friends and family helped in the attic to produce the product and even at the kitchen table the Correctbooks were packed before it was shipped. At the end of the day, he drove to the post office with a full trunk to provide Correctbooks to consumers. His dream soon arose to provide 1 million children in developing areas with erasable writing material in 2023 to reduce illiteracy.

Collaboration with Edukans and Blue Tree Group
In 2019 Correctbook was invited to participate in a collaboration with Edukans and Blue Tree Group. This collaboration is aimed at approaching education in Africa in a new and sustainable way and is called: Teaching With Impact. A great collaboration in which Correctbook offers the erasable writing material, Edukans the educational expertise and Blue Tree Group the logistical knowledge. Edukans received a contribution of 1,550,000 euros from the National Postcode lottery at the end of 2019 for the objectives of this collaboration! This contribution gave a huge boost and made it possible to provide 400,000 children in five different African countries with Correctbook's erasable writing material.

Correctbook in Ethiopia, Malawi, Kenya, Oeganda and Ghana
Before the collaboration, Correctbook already donated their erasable writing material to four organisations located in South-Africa and Rwanda. In Rwanda, the material for the books was already produced in-house. Through the “Teaching With Impact” collaboration with Edukans and Blue Tree Group, Correctbook's distribution area expanded at once to Ethiopia, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda and Ghana. The 1st launch was in Ghana in March 2021. After Ghana, Malawi followed and in May 49,000 Correctbooks were distributed to 20 primary schools in Uganda. Launches in Ethiopia and Kenya are expected before the end of 2021. In addition to supplying Correctbooks to primary schools, production locations are also being set up in these countries, to produce locally where possible. This creates more employment and economic growth.

Our impact counter continues to rise
The milestone of 500,000 has been reached, but the dream remains to provide one million children with erasable writing materials in 2023. There is still a long way to go! Together with every Correctbook user and the companies that order our materials, we believe that we can achieve our mission. We continue to make writing accessible to all children in the world.