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Are you the person who just cannot sit still for a sec? Or really need a break from all the swimming and sunbathing? Good, ‘cause in that case our awesome Correctbook holiday tips are just the thing for you. Read all about it below. 

Whether you are going by train, car, bike or airplane to the holiday destination, with our Forever Gamebook the travels will be over before you know it. With 14 games there’s always someone’s favourite included. And you can just wipe everything out, so you can easily grab the gamebook again when you’re on your destination. Endlessly reusable, pretty sustainable. So, don’t forget to bring it with you next year as well. 

Rather do all the hard work yourself? Say no more. With our small erasable cards, the flashcards, you can create your own game. Play your own version of 30 Seconds with the other camping guests, try a game of Pictionairy with the fam or make up your own pub/tentquiz with your friends. Go grab the drinks and snacks! With the 144 cards in 4 different colours there are no limits. Now just wait for the creativity to bubble up. 

But where to write that fun holiday idea you read online? Or all the tips you got from colleagues who have already been there many times? In a small but cute sustainable erasable notebook of course. The Correctbook Pocket is perfect to write down all the tips and lovely places to visit. And believe me, when it’s hot you really don’t feel like carrying around heavy stuff. Good thing this mini size easily fits into your pocket. See where the name comes from? 

Ehm FOMO? Yes, the Fear Of Missing Out. You may not be familiar with this term, but you’ll probably know the feeling. You just got home, totally relaxed. Until you realize that you completely forgot to go to that one popular spot or that recommended restaurant. Well, that won’t happen again. Before you leave the house, you simply write down, in our Scratch to-do notebook, what it is that you wanna see and do while on holiday. This way your head is cleared, and you can cross everything off at your destination, or even better; erase what you've already done. And don't worry, our Scratch to-do is a wonderfully compact notebook, so it still fits in that packed suitcase or bag anyway. Pinky promise.

But first let’s enjoy those sunrays for a while longer. Wanna prepare the kids for the next schoolyear for a bit? When they’re done with playing around, they can practice writing on a low-key playful level. With the set learning to write pages this is easy-peasy. All the letters of the alphabet will come by. Done? Erase the whole thing! And get back to it after the holidays. Superb right? But remember; it’s the holiday so sit back and relax.