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The Correctbook Scratch is compact and perfect for on the go

Do you want a Correctbook for on the road that does not take up much space and is flexible in use? The Correctbook Scratch is the only erasable notebook not equipped with the Unbind & Click Ringbinders. It is the thinnest Correctbook in our range. This whiteboard notebook has 4 sheets (8 pages). On the specially developed Correctbook Core pages, which are known for their high quality, writing feels just like on regular paper and the notes dry within seconds. The Correctbook Scratch comes with a Correctbook Pen and a Correctbook Cleaning cloth. This erasable notebook is available in white. Because the entire notebook is made of erasable whiteboard sheets, it is also possible to write or draw on the cover.

Let your creativity run wild with the Correctbook Scratch!

Write or design your own design using the Correctbook Scratch. The erasable notebook without lines is the cheapest Correctbook in the range. Because the Scratch has pages without lines, it gives you the opportunity to give your own interpretation. This Correctbook is normally used for brainstorming sessions, designing processes or organization charts, to-do lists and even writing out recipes.

Keep an overview of your tasks with the Correctbook Scratch to-do-list

In addition to the Correctbook Scratch, we also have the Correctbook Scratch to-do list in our assortment. Do you work task-oriented or do you like being able to easily check off your to-do's? The Scratch to-do list is a Correctbook with a to-do list design. Have you been able to check off all your tasks? Use the supplied Correctbook Cleaning Cloth and start with a new list the next day.