Correctbook A5 Scratch Plain Inspirational White

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CORRECTBOOK A5 scratch inspirational white

The Correctbook A5 Scratch Inspirational White is slightly different from our other Correctbooks. This notebook only contains blank pages and has no Unbind & Click system. In addition, this durable erasable notebook ensures that you save a lot of paper, so that you have a positive impact on the environment. Correctbook also ensures that your purchase contributes to a solution for illiteracy. With the purchase of each Correctbook, we provide children in developing areas with the same erasable writing material. Are you in? Together we can make writing accessible to everyone in the world.

Features of this White Erasable Scratch Notebook

CO2-Neutral production

The reusable notebook above is produced in the Netherlands. Together with Trees for All we make sure the production of the Correctbook pages and cover is completely CO2-neutral. Naturally, we are proud of our local and sustainable production!

Uniqueness of Correctbook

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